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Website Maintenance

Keep your website up and running all the time! App Basis offers independent website maintenance service in Nepal and numerous other benefits that incorporates everything from basic, "when required" content updates, to continuous site upkeep contracts including, web hosting, content administration, domain management, SEO support and Word Press maintenance in Kathmandu.

When was the last time you inspected your site for broken connections, date pricing or how your site is ranked in the Google search lists? When do you last remember the time you made a full code and database back up of your site? If you have not done that yet, do it now.

Websites require certain effort to keep up with the latest content, code innovations and security. Disregarding it for a considerable length of time leaves a negative impact on your company’s face and business.

Regardless of whether you employ a web developer or perform website maintenance in Kathmandu, Nepal by yourself, it just relies upon the complexity of your site, your comfort level, and the time you need to commit to keeping up your site.

Web Hosting

Your web site or application needs a pleasant spot to live in. With App Basis web hosting administrations, you can be guaranteed that it will be all around dealt with the shortest downtime and maximum security.

Framework Administration

When your site is running, you shouldn't need to stress over what's going on in the inside. Fortunate for you, our system admins are somewhat similar to ninjas, subtle yet productive in keeping things running easily.

Web Maintenance Retainers and Ongoing Support

A trustful co-operation doesn't just end when the project is completed. A maintenance understanding guarantees a quick reaction from our team, regardless of what your needs are. App Basis Kathmandu, Nepal will be your security guards all day, every day.